Davis Farm to School sponsors a variety of events including workshops for adults and children, luncheons, networking meetings and site evaluations. We also host fundraising events under the leadership of our nonprofit organization, Davis Farmers Market Alliance. Our major fundraisers is Tour de Cluck.

2017 Tour de CluckTdeCLogo-Small

May 6, 2017 @ 9AM-3PM 

Check out the Tour de cluck website for more details:

Purchase tickets to the 8th Annual Tour de Cluck online now!



Past Events

Grain to Bread–Fall activity

A Children’s Activity at the Hoes Down Harvest Fest

Davis Farm to School and Yolo Farm to2014 Grain to Bread Volunteer Recruitment Email Fork present a hands-on activity that takes children through the steps of bread-making—threshing, winnowing, grinding grain, kneading dough, and finally baking a personal pizza in a wood-fired oven provided by Full Belly Farm.  Children use rolling pins to roll out their dough and choose from fresh and local toppings to create their one-of-a-kind pizza.  Please volunteer to help:  contact us at