Emerson & DaVinci Junior High

2121 Calaveras Ave, Davis, CA (530) 757-5430


Garden Coordinator: Rena Nayyar

DavisRISE Coordinator: Anna Amsler

School Gardens

garden worker with plantsblue barrel for rainwaterlarge piles of wood chips

garden beds at Emerson

Emerson has a large garden area that includes garden sheds, worm composting and garden plots as shown above. The plots have been used by classes to grow crops that have historical, cultural or geographical interest.

See how their gardens were put to use at the California School Gardening Network:

This link shows PAST garden activities:

Waste Reduction

Since about 2003, Emerson had an easily recognizable recycling system on campus–red plastic garbage cans with holes cut into the covers to collect recyclable beverage containers.

More recently, the school Green Team has gone an extra step to reduce the amount of plastic.  In 2010-11, a dispenser for cold, filtered water was installed in the indoor commons so that students and staff could fill their own bottles with fresh cold drinking water instead of spending a dollar to purchase a plastic water bottle from the vending machine.  Read more about how this was done at Cool Davis Initiative News.

Look at past Emerson green team efforts: