Patwin Elementary

2222 Shasta Drive, Davis, CA (530) 757-5383


Garden Coordinator: Cindy Hughes

DavisRISE Coordinator:

School Gardens

kids in the gardenwood compost bins


The school has several garden areas including boxes in kindergarten and a shared garden area next to Arroyo Park.

Chris has come up with a fun soil sifting activity that the kids really enjoy.  Look at the lesson plan here.

Waste Reduction

wood compost bins recycling buttons for kids

Patwin has a facility to do on site composting.  Linda Silverstein created the “Eco-warrier” student volunteer group to help with lunch recycling duties.
Don’t get “hung up” on what to recycle at school–in the photos below, see how Patwin staff is putting clothes hangers to creative use to display how recycling and waste should be sorted during lunch.
clothes hanger with recycling displayclothes hanger with recyclinghanger with milk cartonbin showing compostable tray