Davis Farm to School partners with the Davis Joint Unified School District and their Student Nutrition Services to support school gardens, fresh food and waste reduction programs throughout the district.
Elementary Schools
There are 8 elementary schools in the district. A DavisRISE site recycling coordinator directs the lunch area recycling and composting program at each school. Elementary recycling programs follow uniform guidelines set by Davis Farm to School. All elementary schools have garden areas and each school designs its own program to use the garden areas. All sites also have complete salad and hot food bars during lunch.
Junior High Schools
There are 3 junior high school sites in the district. The Emerson jr. high campus also houses the DaVinci jr. high program. All 3 junior high sites have DavisRISE recycling coordinators but solve their recycling issues in different ways. All sites have garden areas. Harper Jr. High has its own kitchen area where meals can be prepared and several acres of land for farming applications.
Senior High Schools
Davis Senior High is the largest high school in the district. Additional high school programs are run by DaVinci Charter Academy and M.L. King High. Recycling programs are in place at the three sites and DavisRISE continues to find ways to strengthen these programs and involve more students. Garden areas are available at all sites. Davis High has a full-service kitchen where they prepare hot meals for lunch, and a livestock area used by their FFA program.

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