Davis Farm to School sponsors a variety of events including workshops for adults and children, luncheons, networking meetings and site evaluations. We also host fundraising events under the leadership of our nonprofit organization, Davis Farmers Market Alliance. 
2018 Village Feast
September 29, 2018 @ 1-4PM-Central Park
Enjoy local wines and a delicious lunch made with local, seasonal ingredients -- all sourced from local farms.  Les Dames D’Escoffier, Sacramento and Davis Farm to School have paired together because of a shared vision; both are charitable, tax-exempt organizations. They support early and continued support of education around food and agriculture. The Dames provide scholarships to women in food, wine and agriculture and Davis Farm to School provides garden grants, farm field trips and support for farm fresh food in the schools. All proceeds go toward these purposes.

What is a Grand Aïoli? This is one of the great late summer feasts of Provence, France – whether a family party or as here, a village feast.  The Sacramento region and Provence share a Mediterranean climate, rich agricultural bounty including olives and olive oil, vegetables, nuts, wines, lamb and more. Everything needed for the feast.
The Feast is centered around vast amounts of pungent aioli, the garlic-mayonnaise of Provence, accompanied by end of summer vegetables and in this case, lamb from the region. The communal meal, held outside, is a celebration for up to 300 – 350 people. Down the center of the table march jars of local flowers, bottles of Yolo County wine, water, fresh baguettes and bowls of salt. The meal begins with family-style, passed platters of heirloom tomatoes drizzled with local olive oil. Platters of steamed and grilled vegetables, hard-boiled eggs and bowls of the aioli follow the tomatoes. Then comes the grilled lamb. The bottles empty, the bread is eaten and dessert is served – fruit tart, or as the French say, a galette. As the event winds down, guests drift off for coffee, to chat with friends, or to stroll around the park.

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Past Events
Tour de Cluck
May 6, 2017 @ 9AM-3PM 
Check out the Tour de cluck website for more details:
Thank you to everyone who joined us!
Grain to Bread–Fall activity
A Children’s Activity at the Hoes Down Harvest Fest
Davis Farm to School and Yolo Farm to Fork present a hands-on activity that takes children through the steps of bread-making—threshing, winnowing, grinding grain, kneading dough, and finally baking a personal pizza in a wood-fired oven provided by Full Belly Farm.  Children use rolling pins to roll out their dough and choose from fresh and local toppings to create their one-of-a-kind pizza.  Please volunteer to help:  contact us at

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