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The resources below can provide a wealth of information about farm to school programs, garden and pest problems, or current recycling information in Davis.  Please feel free to contact us to learn more about specific solutions that have worked for us.
Farm to School Programs
The National farm to school network:
California state farm to school:
Calif. Foundation for Ag in the Classroom:
School Gardens
Link school gardens with state standards:
Occidental Arts and Ecology in Sonoma County:
A fun organization in Santa Cruz, lessons linked to Common Core:
The well known Berkeley program:
School gardening program at UCD:
Slow food school garden guide pdf file
Gardening and Landscape
Davis’ Central Park Demonstration Garden:
California Garden Web:
Integrated Pest Management:
Redwood Barn Nursery for articles on local gardening:
Scott Volmer, Landscape architect: volunteering to help schools with mapping, irrigation, leaks, supplies and more.  Contact him at svolmer at
Lesson plans
Focus on nutrition and healthy eating:
Waste Reduction and Recycling
Statewide recycling information:
Davis Waste Removal, our local waste hauler:
City of Davis Recycling information:
Yolo County landfill information
Commercial composting :
Miscellaneous resources 
(NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list of suppliers nor is it meant to exclude other sources.)
March, 2012: Recycling bins for Davis High School. Contact Jeff Walker with Hillyard Supply, jwalker at
April, 2012:  Wood chip mulch delivery by Evergreen Arborists.
2013: Plant starts from Kelly’s Color Nursery, Redwood Barn, Davis Ace Hardware. Discounts may be available to schools.
May, 2013: Free compost delivery to school sites. Facilitated by Dorothy Peterson and Greg Kelley, Napa Recycling and Waste Services, Northern Recycling Compost Zamora.
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