We are unable to offer class field trips during this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Each year, Davis Farm to School works with local farms to schedule farm visits.  If you are interested in being a participating farm or if you wish to learn more about farm visits please email us at info@davisfarmtoschool.org
A look back at participating farms in 2015
Pacific Star Gardens:  This 40 acre organic family farm near Woodland produces a variety of fruits and vegetables which they sell in farmers markets and at their roadside stand.
Farm 2.6:  This small, 2.6 acre farm just outside of Davis receives materials and tools from community donations.  Half of what they grow is given back to low-income or homeless community members.
The Farm on Putah Creek:  This 40 acre farm is run by The Center for Land Based Learning, an educational non-profit organization.  This farm includes a walnut orchard and native plants which provide habitat for a variety of animals.
Good Humus Farm:  This 20 acre organic farm in the Capay Valley grows about 100 types of fruits and vegetables.  They sell their produce at the Davis Farmers Market.
Capay Organic:  This farm started as a 20 acre family homestead in the Capay Valley but has grown to 300 acres.  They are known for the Farm Fresh To You label for Community Supported Agriculture produce boxes.