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October 2008

Garden/RISE Coordinators Meet and Eat: On October 2nd, 25 Garden and RISE (Recycling is Simply Elementary) Coordinators gathered at Davis Senior High School for a fall meeting. After a tour of the high school’s garden and recycling program, the coordinators split into small groups to discuss issues such as garden curriculum, fundraising efforts, and parent volunteers. Many expressed gratitude at having the opportunity to share resources and learn from each other. At 6:00 all the coordinators gathered at tables outside to enjoy a meal catered by Davis Joint Unified School District’s Student Nutrition Services featuring local and seasonal produce.

Reno Farm to School?: Visitors from Reno, Nevada came to visit the Davis Farm to School Connection program on Oct. 15th. These visitors are interested in starting a farm to school program in Reno. Steering Committee member Jamie Buffington gave them a tour of several different school gardens and cafeterias. They were very grateful and enjoyed the tour very much.

Avenue of the Scarecrows: October 25th was the Avenue of the Scarecrows at the Davis Farmer’s Market. Davis Farm to School Connection organizes this event in conjunction with the farmer’s market and school garden coordinators throughout Davis with the goal of raising money for school gardens. Students make themed scarecrows which are then auctioned off at the farmer’s market. This year seven schools participated and 40 scarecrows were made. Total revenue was $903.00, 100% of which goes to school gardens in Davis.

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