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April 2010

Second Grade Farm Tours Begin: 19 second grade classes will visit local farms this spring as part of the Davis Farm to School Farm Visit Field Trip program. Classes spend the day on a farm, meeting the farmer, helping with farm chores and eating freshly harvested snacks. All participating farms are unique and provide a wide range of farm experiences for students. At Good Humus Produce in Rumsey, students spend the day with veteran farmer Annie Main and help turn the compost pile and explore the vibrant gardens and orchards. At Full Circle Farm in Davis, students enjoy meeting the resident cows, pigs, goats, chickens and worms! At Pacific Star Gardens in Woodland, students look forward to the end of the tour when they are set loose in the strawberry patches, not to mention when they get to try their hand at flying kites in the dry pond. At The Farm on Putah Creek in Winters (at The Center for Land Based Learning), students are treated to a hay ride down to Putah Creek in order to explore the important natural habitats on a farm. All Farm Visits are preceded by a classroom presentation where students sing about the 6 Plant Parts and learn about the farm to table cycle. Through a partnership with Art in Ag, we are also able to offer a post field trip classroom presentation where a local artists visits the students and leads them in an art project about their farm experience.

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