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May 2011

Clucks a'plenty at Tour de Cluck: A Bicycle Chicken Coop Crawl! A benefit for Davis Farm to School, the 2nd annual event was wildly successful yet again on Saturday, May 14th. 650 tickets were sold out weeks before the event, and there was a steady flow of chicken enthusiasists through backyard coops around Davis during the day. One local Davis resident, Julia Luckenbill, made it by bicycle to all 19 chicken coops on the tour, with photos to prove it! The chicken-themed Silent Auction and Art Exhibit sponsored by A Grand Affair was full of fowl flavor with many excited bidders. The lucky Alexandra Fullerton was the winning bidder on the shiny red Ken's Bike & Ski bicycle. Devi Eden bought the winning raffle ticket to take home the fully built solid redwood MAK Design + Build chicken coop. Many enjoyed a chicken or egg meal from the Fowl Food Fair at the Davis Farmer's Market before heading out to enjoy the coop crawl or a Chicken Skool workshop. The Skool - a new addition this year - added a fun educational component, offering classes and workshops leading up to the event as well as on the day-of, such as the Davis Food Co-op's "Cook to Cluck" Cooking Class and Modesto Milling's "Grit, Scratch & Feed" info booth. Thank you to all of our sponsors listed above, as well as Hallmark Inn and Save-a-Gallon, for their generous support of Davis Farm to School and all things "chicken"!

2nd Grade Farm Visits Launch: Spring is here and that means it is time for students to eat strawberries. At a farm that is! The 2010-11 Davis Farm to School Farm Visit program launches this month, as students get ready to visit a local farm and get their hands dirty! Students meet the farmer and tour the farm, participate in a farm chore and taste a freshly harvested farm snack. At Pacific Star Gardens in Woodland, which offers U-pick berries, that translates into strawberries - lots of them! On a recent tour last week, a class from Patwin Elementary School had a busy day transplanting onions, petting chickens, looking for bats and hawks, catching ladybugs, observing a wild California garter snake and exploring a dry pond bed - finishing the day off with endless strawberries - no complaining at this farm!

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