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January Harvest of the Month

For January’s Harvest of the Month we will be harvesting, sampling, and learning about citrus fruits! Citrus fruits – including oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit – are a great source of Vitamin C which helps strengthen bones, tendons, and ligaments. They also contain antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Citrus is a good source for fiber, potassium, calcium, and a variety of other nutrients. We have links to a variety of activities and resources that teachers and garden coordinators can use to help their students learn about everything from the nutritional content to the biology of each citrus fruit. Or, if they would prefer to take some of the younger students out taste testing, we have supplied a table that helps the little ones distinguish between the sizes, colors, and tastes of the different citrus fruits. Click here to see the table and links. Happy Harvesting and Happy New Year!

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