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Garden and Recycling Coordinators Meet

Davis Farm to School Garden Coordinators and DavisRISE recycle coordinators from DJUSD school sites met recently at DaVinci Charter Academy to exchange information and network, enjoy some yummy snacks, and pick up some complimentary seed packets. Coordinators from all of the Davis schools meet three times yearly to compare how the garden and recycling programs are faring at each school. DavisRISE recycling coordinators are variable service employees of the school district and oversee the waste reduction programs at each school. They train students to sort lunchtime wastes into compost, recycling and landfill, something that everyone in the City of Davis will be asked to do in 2016! School garden coordinators may receive some support from DF2S or their PTA but are often just motivated volunteers who help students plant edible and other types of gardens and teach students to appreciate the connection between the land and our food systems.

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