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It's Earth Day every day for our Tour de Cluck coops, hives, and edible gardens! Here's a sn

We hope you are out celebrating Picnic Day and Earth Day 2017 today. What a lovely day for it all! Once you've rested your weary feet from a day of fun, check out our list of stops for Tour De Cluck 2017 on May 6th. These folks are living examples of earth-friendly practices from chicken coops and beehives to water conservation and composting. For them every day is Earth Day.

West Davis

  • Crees Brothers Farms features a goat farm and a fruit orchard. After buying one goat as a companion for their horse, they quickly fell in love and decided to get more! A few years later, there is now a Nigerian Goat Dwarf breeding farm right here in Davis! They have agreed to open their doors to Tour de Cluck participants. You’ll be able to pet the adorable goats and learn about goat keeping from the experts.

  • Home stop that features a chicken coop, edible garden, rain water collection, and beehive. This home shows how to integrate sustainable practices into a visually beautiful display while still having the space to entertain and enjoy your backyard. Stop by and see how it’s done!

  • Home stop that features a chicken coop, edible garden, and a Blue Barrel rainwater catchment system. Built entirely from information gleaned from online tutorials, this chicken coop showcases industriousness at its finest. Entirely secured (even compared during our visit to Fort Knox) these safe and happy chickens are a must-see.

  • Home stop named "L+R Farms" that features a chicken coop, edible garden, and rain water collection. If you want to meet some very happy chickens, come to L+R Farms! These chickens even have a planter full of many greens that they can eat that the owners of this coop call “chicken salad”. These hens are spoiled in the most adorable possible way!

North Davis

  • Blue Barrel Systems that features the Blue Barrel rain water catchment system. You'll see the display in our tent at the start of the tour, and here you'll see the system in action! This Davis-based company uses innovative and sustainable technology to create a rainwater catchment system that fits any needs.

  • Home stop called "Koop’s Coop" that features a chicken coop and an edible garden. If you’re looking for advice from experienced chicken keepers, make sure to stop by Koop’s Coop. The second generation chicken keepers will be able to answer questions and provide valuable insight on how to best maintain your flock.

Central Davis

  • Home stop named "The Amazing Musical Chickens" features a chicken coop for talented chickens. If you want to see chickens living in the lap of luxury, look no further. This custom-built coop is state of the art in every way. The chickens even play the xylophone to show you just how happy they are!

  • The Beecharmers features beehives and beekeeping information. Do you want to learn more about bees and beekeeping? Come to The Cannery. The Beecharmers can answer any questions you may have about beekeeping, from the most simple to the most complex.

  • Fiery Ginger Farm features chicks, chickens and chicken keeping information. Fiery Ginger Farm is an urban farm and will have young chicks for all to see. They have information on urban farming in the area and on chicken keeping in general. Stop by to see the chicks and stay to get more information about urban farming from the pros.

  • Purple Rain features rainwater collection. Purple is the universal color symbolizing reclaimed water and this stop has an entirely purple rainwater catchment system. If you want to see what rainwater collection can do and learn a thing or two about gardening along the way, then make this your destination!

  • Birch Lane Elementary features a chicken coop, edible garden, and compost/worm bins. Want to see Davis Farm to School in action? Stop by Birch Lane Elementary to see what the students see. The students at Birch Lane have a chicken coop, an edible garden, an elaborate composting system and a garden coordinator who makes it all happen. Come see and learn as the kids do!