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January 2011

Dorothy Peterson Honored with 2010 A.G. Brinley Award: President of Davis Farm to School and the Davis Farmer's Market Foundation, Dorothy Peterson was awarded the Brinley Plaque for outstanding service at the Davis Chamber of Commerce Installation Dinner on Jan. 21st. Peterson is a retired teacher of 37 years in the Davis Joint Unified School. She is responsible for starting the school gardening and recycling movement in Davis schools and founding the non-profit Davis Farm to School. She recently founded her own business, Artisan Baking on Wheels, making pizzas in a traditional wood-fired pizza oven with local and seasonal ingredients. All proceeds from the pizza business will go towards Davis Farm to School.

Six Dishes Kids Love: Local chef and cookbook author Georgeanne Brennan taught her Winter Cooking Class to the staff at the school district's Student Nutrition Services (SNS) on Jan. 26th. Davis Farm to School provides a cooking school to the SNS staff that focuses on professional development and incorporating local and seasonal produce into the school lunch menus. Innovation is encouraged, and the staff clearly enjoy the lessons and let their culinary creativity shine. This class focused on the following recipes: Asian Cabbage and Orange Salad with Ginger, Curried Carrot Soup, Fideo Pasta with Chorizo and Kale, Black Eyed Peas with Chard, Curried Potatoes in Chapatis, Braised Leek and Feta Pizza. Click here to see the recipes: Winter Cooking Class Recipes

Nugget Scrip Supports Farm to School: Now use your Nugget Scrip card every time you shop at Nugget Markets to benefit Davis Farm to School! To add Davis Farm to School as a beneficiary to your existing Nugget Scrip card, click here. To request a new Nugget Scrip card, email

Nutrition Advisory Committee: The DJUSD Nutrition Advisory Committee held it's second meeting of the '10-'11 school year this month. The committee is designed to provide a place for input from the community and school representatives on the school lunch program. The Davis Farm to School Program Coordinator sits on the committee, as do the school site mangers and several parent representatives. The committee is seeking more parent representation. If interested in joining the committee, please email

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