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Happy Thanksgiving

Davis Farm to School is thankful for the continuing support of our Davis community and school district and to our many coordinators and volunteers who make our programs happen! Here are a couple of memories of Dorothy Peterson, our long-time Chair, that inspire us to keep striving to make our schools and community a great place for our children and families.

From Sheri Sandberg at Davis High

I first met Dorothy in 2007 when I unwittingly entered the Davis School Garden program, propelled by the gardening enthusiasm of a former Emerson Jr. High student. We resurrected the dormant Environmental Club and installed drought-tolerant plants with the assistance of Patricia Carpenter, a Garden Coordinator at Cesar Chavez Elementary and Emerson. I did not realize that there were required procedures for such a project, and Dorothy came to the rescue to help me navigate the proper channels. Although Dorothy was quite petite, she was an oversized advocate for school gardens and knew how to work with district staff in finding successful solutions and celebrating everyone's hard work. I loved the beautiful luncheons at her home and the opportunity to meet with other like-minded people and of course to be treated so graciously by Dorothy.

A couple of years ago, DSHS decided to have our end of the year party at Central Park. I decided to make it a zero waste event and talked to Dorothy and Lynne Nittler about how to implement it. But I was going through the first stages of a divorce and becoming a single parent, plus I was feeling exhausted at the end of the school year. I decided to abandon the zero waste idea, but Dorothy kindly stepped in and helped me set it up and gave me much needed support during this tough time in my life.

I look at Dorothy as a wonderful role model as to how to live life. She lived fully and gave so much to our school district and our students, even when she was supposedly retired. I will certainly miss her chatty color-coded emails about all the happenings on the school garden program.

From Joy Klineberg at Willett Elementary

I often get asked: "How did you get involved with Davis Farm to School?" or "Why are you here at Willett if you no longer have kids here?" I always find myself answering, "Well, Dorothy Peterson. . ."

Dorothy had a unique way of getting people involved with their community. I will honor her memory by striving to match her energy and integrity every day.

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