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Gardens & Farm Visits

Gardens & Farm Visits

Learning where our food comes from.

School Gardens provide hands on learning as students grow crops, cook, compost and more.

Farm Visits are offered to all second graders.

Harper Harvest and Birch Lane Harvest are pilot programs where school gardens sell produce to the school district central kitchen.

Farm Fresh Lunches

Farm Fresh Lunches

Promoting seasonal, local food in school meals.

Cafeteria Taste Testers let students sample fresh choices in lunch food.

Cooking Classes are provided for Student Nutrition Services staff.

Nutrition Advisory Committee is a forum to promote child nutrition, health and wellness.

Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction

Reducing solid waste through comprehensive waste management.

DavisRISE (Recycling Is Simply Elementary) is our unique, proven, recycling program that reduces waste at all school sites.

ALL Compost collection at elementary sites diverts all lunch food waste which means even greater waste reduction.

News and announcements

Enjoy these pictures from the 2014 Village Feast

Help Harper Jr. High Win their grant! Go to

You can vote once a day for each electronic device.

Are you up to cluck with the Tour de Cluck?  Besides the bicycle coop tour, there are many other events celebrating all things chicken.  Check out the website and facebook page:  Download TdC sponsorship form.

Life Lab has a new resource to connect their “Growing Classroom” garden lessons with Common Core math and language arts standards and Next Generation Science Standards.  Check out their website to learn more.

Harvest of the month selections are returning to school lunches.  Check out the monthly list.




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