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What is Davis Farm to School?

What is Davis Farm to School?

We are:

-fresh, local and healthy school meals

-the district-wide DavisRISE recycling program

-gardens in every school

-networking and resources for program coordinators

-a volunteer based, nonprofit organization

-supported by your generous donations

Farms, Gardens, Fresh food

Farms, Gardens, Fresh food

Kids grow and eat fresh, local produce

Local fruits and vegetables in school lunches

Farm Visits show 2nd graders where food comes from

School gardens give hands-on experiences from soil to harvest

Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction

Kids are recycling and composting leaders

More than 8,000 Davis students learn about waste reduction and composting each day at school.

DavisRISE (Recycling Is Simply Elementary) is our unique, proven, recycling program that reduces waste at all school sites.

Compost collection at elementary sites diverts all lunch food waste which means even greater waste reduction.

News and announcements

2017 Tour de Cluck


Save the date! The 8th Annual Tour de Cluck is coming soon! This year’s Coop Crawl will include backyard chicken coops, beehives, edible gardens and much more! Please visit for more details about this fun family friendly event!


Dorothy Peterson
February 7, 1940-April 7, 2016






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