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Media and Data

Recycling is Simply Elementary


2015 Holmes Jr. High Green Team recycling script

2013 Harper Jr. High recycling plan

2013 Harper Jr. High recycling report card

“Earth bucks” incentive coupon from Judy Leatherman, Montgomery Elementary



Standard DavisRISE waste sorting signage

Student community service log

Student community service nomination form



DavisRISE elementary school pilot study 1999-2002

These data are from the initial 2001 recycling pilot program.  Shown are before and after values.

Average solid waste volume per person

Bimonthly sanitation cost per person

Cost comparison for Pioneer and Cesar Chavez Elementary

Pilot study data table Reduced waste values are shown in green boxes.

Dumpster bin monitoring form



ALL Compost pilot study 2011-2013 results

Maggots in compost

Cost and waste diversion data tables

Pilot study timeline

Graph of waste reduction

Graph of cost reduction

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