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School Site Team Organization

Recycling is Simply Elementary

The diagram above represents how the DavisRISE program operates. Each school site has unique needs that require adjustments in program operations. Below are suggested roles for each part of the school site team.

Site administration (e.g., Principal, VP)
Support the mission and create a positive campus recycling climate by offering educational opportunities for staff and students. Examples include:
  • Creating all-school assemblies that address recycling issues
  • Encouraging student recycling presentations
  • Supporting outdoor and indoor cart maintenance and cleaning
  • Offering funding for alternative recycling containers
Program Coordinator
The DavisRISE Program Coordinator networks with program partners and is the centralized point of contact for Site Leaders. The coordinator articulates and supports site activities and monitors overall effectiveness of the program.
Teachers support school-wide recycling and teach students to recycle in the classroom and during non-lunch hours. Teachers are encouraged to highlight curriculum connections to recycling and composting.
DavisRISE Site Leaders
Each school has a DavisRISE Site Leader who is in charge of implementing the school’s recycling program. The Site Leader establishes a lunch waste sorting routine.
  • Elementary school Site Leaders assist students during lunch, and review the process regularly to ensure compliance.
  • At secondary schools, Site Leaders may also facilitate environmental clubs, support student groups collecting CRV, and facilitate the cleaning of indoor recycling containers.
  • Whenever possible, the DavisRISE Site Leader incorporates environmental awareness lessons and models positive recycling habits.
  • The Site Leaders may organize student volunteers who earn community service hours for contributing to the school recycling program. They then help track students’ volunteer hours and submit them for DJUSD-DavisRISE Community Service Awards two times per year (January and May).
  • DavisRISE Site Leaders must attend three Davis Farm to School Team meetings per year.
The site custodian is a key part of the DavisRISE Program model. The custodian sets up the recycling station and cleans up the lunch area. The custodian meets the weekly DWR hauling schedule as mandated. He/she locks and secures waste bins each evening  to prevent illegal dumping. Substitute custodians need to be familiar with the school recycling system.
Lunch aides, Campus Supervisors, and Volunteers
The DavisRISE Site Leader can recruit adult and student volunteers to help with the lunch recycling and organics program.
  • Lunch aides and volunteers help students sort their waste.  Typical jobs include directing students during lunch waste sorting, stacking trays, removing cross-contamination, picking up trash, and packaging items for Terracycle waste diversions.
  • Environmental clubs, leadership classes, and other student groups help collect CRV, empty and clean indoor recycle containers, and facilitate recycling presentations and lunch time educational recycling activities.
  • Volunteers are expected to model positive recycling habits.
  • Students can volunteer and earn DJUSD sanctioned Community Service hours.
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